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Yan Ping

Tooth Ache - China

I was awakened by tooth pain and was at a loss. I suddenly remembered the BRP pro energy disk and put it on the toothache. At about 3 minutes, the toothache was gone. It was amazing. Thank you BRP pro energy plate.

牙齿疼痛 - 中国

给痛醒了,不知所措,突然想起了BRP能量盘,把它放在牙痛处,大概3分钟,牙疼没了, 真是太神奇了,谢谢BRP能量盘。



Headache - Singapore

8 years ago, i gone through heart by pass surgery, since then i had terrible headache and was taking 2 pain killer everyday, but still there was a 25% pain remain, after using BRP pro energy disk on points according to illustration, headache had reduced, Thanks to BRP pro energy disk.

8年前,我经历了一次心脏手术,此后我头疼得很厉害,每天服用2片止痛药,仍然有25%的疼痛残留,但按照说明使用BRP pro能量盘后,头疼减轻许多,这要归功于BRP pro能量盘。


Jason Pham

Gout - Vietnam

Gout attacked last night, it was so painful that I couldn't walk and even affect my sleep, after placing BRP pro energy disk on pain area, about 30 minutes pain reduce and subsided more than 50%, thanks to BRP pro energy disk

痛风病昨晚发作了,非常痛苦,我无法走路甚至影响睡眠,将 BRP pro 能量盘放在疼痛部位,大约 30 分钟后, 疼痛减轻并消退了 50 %以上,这要归功于 BRP pro 能量盘

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